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Voice Over at its Finest

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I can be the girl next door or the vixen of your dreams. My voice is versatile yet authentic - warm but cool - with relaxed confidence, or animated high energy, to match a wide range of projects. My sound is truly unique and stands out from the rest, and my goal is to bring out the distinctive qualities of your project!

My voice can be described as:

• Real, sexy, warm

• Conversational, Relatable & Versatile

• Sexy, smooth, luxurious.

• Warm, conversational, friendly, best friend, athlete.

• Authentic, genuine, honest, forthright, professional.

• Straight forward, expert, intelligent, sincere.

• Wry, sarcastic, snarky, humorous.

• Fun, upbeat, hip

• Calm, reassuring, knowledgeable.

Particularly good as the "relatable mom" and/or the "sexy sophisticate."

Ease with difficult words and foreign languages -- scientific, pharmaceutical, financial, geographic, etc,

Upbeat, lively, story telling, first person narratives.

Animation range: monsters, good guys, bad guys, soldiers, nerds, teenagers, kids, bad moms, inappropriate secretaries, etc.

Plethora of accents. Specializing in a variety of British and French dialects.

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