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My Process...

Please send me a PDF of the manuscript before production begins.

My Process Includes:

  1. Receipt of the manuscript: please send me an electronic copy of the manuscript, in either PDF (preferred) or Microsoft Word format

  2. Read the entire book once through to gain familiarity with the story arcs, characters, etc. This step and the next step will incorporate the notes from your Character Info Sheet

  3. Prep the manuscript (highlighting dialogue, researching pronunciations and accents, specific passages that require special attention, etc.)

  4. Prepare and Submit the “First 15 Minutes” This is the opportunity for you to review and verify the choices I intend to make for my narration. You should verify that you agree with the voices I choose, pacing, pronunciations, performance, etc. and you should provide me with any and all feedback prior to approving this submission *This step is CRITICAL to the successful completion of our project! Once you approve the 15 Minute submission, I’ll be free to move forward into the narration of the entire book without any further input or direction from you, so if there is any specific direction or other critical performance-related items that need to be addressed, this is the time to do it!

  5. Narration/ Recording - I have a broadcast-quality at-home studio where I record all my audiobooks

    1. Editing/Mastering - I do not do my own proofing/editing/ mastering (PEM) of the audio files. I contract out for this, and this service is included in my Per Finished Hour (PFH) rate.

  6. Proofing of the audiobook. I send my files to my proofer for them to check that there are no errors/noises/weird sounding words, etc! They send them back to me, and I make corrections.

  7. Uploading the final audio files! Once they have been edited and mastered, I will upload the final audio files—the completed audiobook—to Findaway Voices/ACX/ Audiobooks Unleashed for your final review and approval! Once you do so the technical staff will perform their final QC checks on the audio files and then prepare them for release and distribution!

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