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A New Way to Find Audiobook Jobs: Findaway Voices

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

If you've been searching for an alternative to ACX for finding audiobook jobs due to location restrictions or maybe you just want to expand your horizons, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn about the new Findaway Voices platform for audiobook narrators.

I am now narrating on ACX, Findaway Voices, Spoken Realms, and any platforms you want to work through! Let's work together!

Findaway Voices is a service that connects authors with audiobook narrators. When an author submits a book to Findaway, they will select narrators from their talent pool that they think would be a good match for the book based on the author's criteria.

You get to set your own PFH rate (flat rate per hour of finished audio) and if you're chosen to narrate a title, you'll get paid your PFH rate multiplied by the final completed length of the book.

This is a great opportunity for narrators for a couple of reasons. First, you don't have to waste time auditioning for titles that might not be a great fit for you. Findaway works to match you with titles that they believe would be a good fit for you. You also don't need to worry about haggling with authors on pricing. You set your rate in advance and the author will decide if it fits their budget or not before moving to the next step with you.

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