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Laura Horowitz

Who tells YOUR STORY?

Welcome! I'm Laura, an award winning voice actor and audiobook narrator . Click Here for a link to my new releases. 

While I specialize in Fantasy, Romance, and Thrillers, I love to work in all genres, fiction and non.  If you are an independent author, I will act as your audiobook narrator and producer and will guide you through the entire project from start to finish. 

I am very active on social media, and have a following of over 125K on TikTok and 145K on Instagram. Make sure to follow me for all the latest news, book launches, and giveaways!

Please feel free to reach out here. Details on my current projects and sample audiobook narrations are below.

Proud Member of PANA (Professional Audiobook Narrators Association) and the APA (Audio Publishers Association.) 

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